Shower Frizzies, 10 ct.

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  • Shower Frizzies, 10 ct.
  • Shower Frizzies, 10 ct.
  • Shower Frizzies, 10 ct.
  • Shower Frizzies, 10 ct.
  • Shower Frizzies, 10 ct.


These are Frizzies!  Made with all natural ingredients, and essential oils.  Our Frizzies have many uses, but these are our most popular uses:
  • Shower Frizzies - place on shelf in shower, and when the water hits them, they fizz and release their scent into the steam of your shower, clearing your sinuses.  (Our Peppermint Lavender and Eucalyptus scents are best for this)
  • Stinky garbage disposal?  Place one tablet in your disposal, wet it, and it will fizz up and refresh your disposal!  (Lemon is a customer favorite for this purpose)
  • Toilet refresher - place one in your toilet before bedtime and it will fizz up in your toilet, and keep it refreshed for the next day. 
  • Hand cleaner - have grease or grime on your hands? Place one table in your hand, and wet.  Let it fizz up and rub your hands together to remove grime and dirt. 

They are made with baking soda, citric acid (a natural ingredient which comes from citrus fruits) and essential oils. 

They will arrive in a clear plastic tub (as pictured) with lid.  Keep lid on container when not in use, to preserve the scent. Will last several months as long as they are sealed.  They are typically one use per tablet.   There are 10 tablets per container.

Available in 4 scents:  Peppermint Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon

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